Ban Dongphosy, Hatsayfong district, Vientiane capital


Company profile

Thanaleng Dry Port is the class one dry port of Lao PDR. It is among 1 of the 9 dry port of “international importance” approved in the Intergovernmental Agreement on Dry Port of UNESCAP and located just 1 kilometer away from the First Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River. Thanaleng Dry Port is part of the integrated Vientiane Logistics Park, a flagship project to achieve the national logistics strategy with the objective to transform Laos from the land-locked into the landlinked country. The feasibility of the project was firstly carried out by JICA of Japan then by Royal Haskoning of the Netherland and approved by the Government of Lao PDR in 2020.

Amongst the 9 Dry Ports location approved by UNESCAP, the Thanaleng Dry Port is the First and only intermodal dry port that is playing the international border role and provide rail/road transshipment facilities.

Thanaleng Dry Port (TDP)  is responsible for being the center of international trading of import and export with all categories of customs system. Importantly, quality equipment’s, vehicles and warehouses system will be installed professionally at TDP in order to provide the convenience on serving bigger numbers of containers. By using the Terminal Operation System (TOS), it will guarantee the best service of speed, security and reliability.


Multimodal Transport Connector of continental ASEAN and the World, sustainably serving the social economic development of the country.


Develop cross border intermodal infrastructures, standard and simplified operating procedures for a smooth, speedy, secure import/export and transit of goods coupled with transshipment solutions and warehousing facilities to cater for trade and logistics connectivity.

Core Value

• Deliver Service Quality, Security and Reliability
• Work on a Customer Centric principle
• Foster Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Respect
• Employee and Team Development
• Accept Social Responsibility


The Thanaleng Dry port (TDP) is the Dry Port of international importance, approved by the United Nation Economic and Social; Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) through the resolution No. 69/7 on the intergovernmental agreement on Dry Phots adopted in Bangkok on 1st May 2013.

The Thanaleng Dry Port(TDP) is topping the list of the development priority in the Lao National Logistics Strategy from 2016 to 2020 adopted by the PM decree No. 158/Government Of Lao PDR dared 27th May 2015, an action plan that would drastically transform Laos from land locked to land linked country.
Initiated from JICA studies back in 2015, the project was carried forward by Sitthi Logistic(STL) an affiliated company to petroleum Trading Lao (PTL) of the phongsavanh Group through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing with the government of Lao PDR to further conduct the feasibility studies and to develop the Vientiane Logistic Park Project.
The Concession Agreement between the government of Lao PDR and Vientiane Logistics Park Company Limited (VLP-the successor of STL) was finally signed on 3rd July 2020, the deal that gives VLP the right to operate, under a PPP scheme, the Thanaleng Dry Port and the Vientiane Logistic Park for a period of 50 years.

Our Capacity


Container Yard

Our container yard and rail sidings cover an area of around 20 hectares equipped with terminal handling and yard equipment with reefer plug points


Bonded and CFS Warehouses

Our bonded and CFS warehouses cover an area of 23.9 hectares with under roof storage capacity of 30,000 SQM. CFS warehouses are fitted with 120 loading bays and numbers of electric forklifts and handling tools.


Business and Operators Area

Administrative office for dry port and CIQ authorities are co-located with operators buildings, canteen and other amenities for operators and customers, thus allowing maximum facilitation


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Sitthi Interfreight
148/7-8 Moo 3, Sadet Road, Tambol Meechai, amphur Muang Nongkhai, 443000 (Thailand)
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Sitthi Logistics Lao Co., Ltd
Kamphengmeuang Rd, Ban Phonthan, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital
Vientiane Logistics Park-1
Vientiane Logistics Park Co., Ltd
Dongphosy, Hatsayfong District, Vientiane capital.
logo Interfreight-01-1
Sitthi Interfreight
148/7-8 Moo 3, Sadet Road, Tambol Meechai, amphur Muang Nongkhai, 443000 (Thailand)
logo sitthi logistics-01-01
Sitthi Logistics Lao Co., Ltd
Kamphengmeuang Rd, Ban Phonthan, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital
Vientiane Logistics Park-1
Vientiane Logistics Park Co., Ltd
Dongphosy, Hatsayfong District, Vientiane capital.

Security Initiative

Thanaleng Dry Port operates under security system. We prioritize in Health, Safety, and Environment regulations to ensure our working processes are safe and efficient.

By applying the ISO45001 into our system, we can mitigate possible risks and planning solutions in accordance with the national law and the international standard.

Our HSE team are working closely with our workers, employers, contractors, and visitors involved in the industry to ensure that our safety guideline are distributed and well-understood.

  • We consult with our people to achieve healthier and safer workplace. With stronger team building, we can identify possible hazards, assess risks and develop a better approach.
  •  Thanaleng Dry Port operates under hygiene environment with frequent cleaning and dust control
  • Our people are equipped with safety equipment and well-trained with the working guideline to avoid any misconduct operation and prevent injuries.
  • Fire hydrants and alarms are installed in different surrounding spots. Our people are frequently trained with fire emergency evacuation plan.
  • Our security cameras are installed all over the operating and surrounding areas to monitor and prevent possible risks.
  • We operate under environmental law and awareness to maintain our commitment in environmental sustainability.

Our approaches against COVID-19

  • Our employers, staffs and workers in all levels are vaccinated with the WHO approved Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Separate zone between domestic and international truck.
  • Random COVID-19 test with our staffs.
  • Temperature checking of all workers, employers, contractors, and visitors accessing Thanaleng Dry Port.
  •  Frequent cleaning and disinfecting surrounding area with spray sanitizer.

VIP Guest Visiting Thanaleng Dry Port

VIP Guest Visiting Thanaleng Dry Port


Hutchison Ports 15 Years Caring Company 2006-20 The HK Council of Social Service


Hutchison Ports Yantian Container terminal with annual throughput exceeding 13 million TEU in China, 2019 The Container Branch of the China Ports Association
Hutchison Ports Yantian Shenzhen Mayor’s Quality Award 2019 (Silver Prize in Economics) Shenzhen Municipal Government
Road Freight 50%
Fly Freight 80%
Train Freight 65%
Ocean Freight 41%


We develop hand in hand with our team to create a better place and society with no diversity. We communicates with the people and communities through our action in giving and sharing supports to our society.

The spreading of Covid-19 pandemic has created a huge impact to our society. Many have suffered in different factors including economic impact, change in lifestyles, difficulty in education, adaptability into new culture, and the main factors is the risk in people’s health. Thanaleng Dry Port wishes for everyone to stay strong, safe and healthy. To fight against COVID-19, Thanaleng Dry Port contributes millions of Lao Kip to help our society with the goal to win against this pandemic together.




Our vision is to become the leading dry port of Lao PDR – connecting ASEAN and the World.

To be a sustainable future dry port, we integrate economical, social, and environmental scope.

  • Sustainably serving the social economic development of the the country.
  • Sustainably strengthen our relationship with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  • Sustainably compliance to international standard.
  • Efficiently manage energy usage and responsibility to environmental development.
  • Sorting waste to meet the standard collection.
  •  Frequently updates and checks on risk management plan to ensure healthy and safety operation.