• Environmental and Social (E&S) Policy

In line with our goal and our vision on sustainable logistics development, VIENTIANE LOGISTIC PARK (VLP), including associates and contractors is committed to a safe, socially, and environmentally responsible operation, which will be achieved by:

  • Compliance with Lao PDR security, safety, environmental and social (E&S) safeguard policies, laws, regulations, standards and VLP’s shareholders, partners and lenders compliance obligations;
  • Addressing E&S risks, minimizing negative E&S impacts and maximizing E&S opportunities in relation to VLP development and operation activities and services through its life cycle, by developing and applying an appropriate environmental and social management system (ESMS), including standards and code of practice, emergency response, grievance and continual improvement and application of available and affordable best practices;
  • Adopting or developing and implementing relevant policies, specific procedures and code of conducts on hazardous chemicals materials and waste, ozone depleting substances, greenhouse, pollution and persistent organic pollutants (POP), protected area, biodiversity and wildlife protection with aim to efficient use of natural resources, waste minimization, emission reduction and pollution prevention;
  • People health, safety and well-being are our top priority. It is important to protect everyone – from our employees, business partners, subcontractors, customers as well as the public through: (i) providing adequate training to ensure employees including those of contractors are able to do their work in a safe manner; (ii) maintaining safe, healthy and clean working conditions at all times, providing and maintaining equipment and machinery, and ensuring safe storage of all dangerous goods and substances; (iii) having appropriate First Aid equipment available at all our locations and have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for all employees working in the sites; (iv) providing employee protection from sexual harassment, exploitation & abuse (SEAH) and discrimination; (v) promoting ethical recruitment, fair employment and employee confidentiality;
  • Developing institutional capacity, allocation of resources and engaging with stakeholders, including relevant authorities, contractors, and communities to effectively implement the E&S polices and contribute to sustainable economic and social development at national and local levels;
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets, monitor and review the E&S performance of VLP in accordance with this policy on regular basis to drive achievement and continuous improvement in E&S performance; Reporting performance in a manner that is transparent and accurate and ensuring continual improvement of the E&S policy and practices.
  • operate under environmental law and awareness to maintain our commitment in environmental sustainability.