Thanaleng dry port sole Co. ltd is committed to providing logistics services to customers along with occupational health management and good safety for all employees with the following guidelines:

1.Provide safe working conditions Hygienic to prevent injury and illness from work Including the removal of danger and reduce the risk continuously

2.Comply with legal requirements and other requirements occupational health and safety related

3.Support consultation and participation of employees in the operation of occupational health and safety

4.Take care and protect employees from risky work. In particular, work that may be seriously dangerous. And reporting of various incidents

5.Find improvement opportunities for continuous improvement of the management system

  • Our people are equipped with safety equipment and well-trained with the working guideline to avoid any misconduct operation and prevent injuries.
  • Fire hydrants and alarms are installed in different surrounding spots. Our people are frequently trained with fire emergency evacuation plan.
  • Our security cameras are installed all over the operating and surrounding areas to monitor and prevent possible risks.
  • We consult with our people to achieve healthier and safer workplace. With stronger team building, we can identify possible hazards, assess risks and develop a better approach.

In response to the occupational health policy and safety and the needs of stakeholders Vientiane Logistics Park Co., Ltd. therefore announces occupational health objectives. And safety as follows:

  • 1. No accident at work time.
  • 2. No occupational disease
  • 3. Comply with the law and other requirements related
  • The company will have a dangerous identification. Assess risks and opportunities and implement various measures including making plans according to the management system to achieve this objective.