塔纳梁(Thanaleng)陆港为当地人提供就业机会,并培养他们能为物流业做出贡献。 我们致力于以诚实、正直、信任和尊重他人的方式工作。

如果您有兴趣成为我们的大家庭,请将您的申请发送至:Careers@thanalengdryport.com 或 WhatsApp:020 5796 3322,我们随时欢迎机会。

Students from all institutions, colleges, and universities who are passionate in the dry port industry are encouraged to apply to Thanaleng Dry Port Sole., Ltd. Do not hesitate to submit an approved application from your college, university, or institute if you find something interesting. For more details, contact Careers@thanalengdryport.com or 020 5796 3322